About Us



Let us come to you! A+ Child Care to You, established in 2007 is committed to providing high quality and affordable on-site event based child care which promotes play, fitness, and education.

We set up a safe and engaging environment for temporary child care at a variety of events across Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington, and the surrounding counties. Our on-site child care service supports parents being able to attend and to be more actively engaged at events such as a conference, workshop, wedding, celebration or a community affair. While we supply all the bells and whistles for the children to have a great time, we ask the host requesting child care to provide the room, tables, chairs, and food.

We also offer on-call temporary child care for families on an individual basis.


These four goals drive all of our efforts!

  1. Establish A+ Child Care to You as an excellent resource and leader for temporary on-site child care initiatives.
  2. Provide high quality child care that supports families balancing work and activities.
  3. Empower children’s developmental growth through exploratory and hands-on play.
  4. Bridge the gap between families needing access to high quality affordable child care and professionals whom provide optimal child care services.

Child Care You Can Trust

  • As safety is our #1 prior we thoroughly screen all child care providers with a background check, reference checks, and training for their first several days of working.
  • A+ Child Care to You is a certified Women and Emerging Small Business (WESB).
  • Business Owner, Mrs. Amie Pico is on step 10 of the Oregon Registry: Pathways to Professional Development. Mrs. Pico is also recognized for the following professional enhancements, “1-5 years of Professional Experience and a Commitment to a Professional Code of Ethics.”
  • A+ Child Care to You on-site at events is not a licensed child care as defined by Oregon Statues because our unique service does not fit into a typical child care business structure such as an in-home or facility based child care. Thus, we go the extra mile to provide a high quality child care service by applying as many of the health and safety checks as possible that are required of a licensed child care. In addition, we schedule a higher staff to child ratio then any of the licensing requirements as research has shown one of the best ways to engage all children and to ensure the safety of all children is to have adequate child care providers available to meet children’s needs.
  • Our team of child care providers bring knowledge, experience and on-going training designed to put children at ease in a new situation.
  • All child care providers have a passion to be actively engaged with children.

As a proud parent and business owner of A+ Child Care to You, I strive to put parents at ease knowing that their children are in a healthy, safe, and engaging environment.  I have over 18 years of experience working and studying in the field of early childhood care and development. From working in child care facilities, to volunteering in elementary classrooms and volunteering countless hours of student internships with professional organizations. I completed my Bachelors degree in Child and Family Studies with a focus in Education from Portland State University in 2008.  Over these years I have accessed, analyzed and articulated both theoretical knowledge and my own personal experiences to develop A+ Child Care to You.

Business Owner, Amie Pico